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Food means so many things

Did you ever wish you could be one of those people for whom food is “just fuel”?
I used to wish my relationship with food could be to not care what food tasted like, but only that I had enough nourishment to fuel my activities. There are so many pieces that inform our relationship with food. I grew up in a family of gourmet cooks and people who paid attention to how food was presented. I have a wide and discerning taste palate and care about the way food looks and tastes. Food as fuel-only just isn’t part of my world.

Express Yourself

The throat chakra is all about expression, making choices and decisions, and using our voice. The mouth and throat are the entry point for food and liquids. So it makes sense that any imbalances here could have a profound effect on our relationship with food and how we eat.

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“It is my soul-level intention to inspire and help you raise your energy vibration through energetically and spiritually aligned eating, mindset management, and self-care of the energy field.”

— Melissa Pickell

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