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Thank you for taking some time to get to know me and my unique approach to helping you become your most vibrant self.

I am so glad you are here

How are you feeling today?

Since you are here, my guess is that you are not feeling your best; you don’t feel harmonious in your body because of a health condition, physical discomfort, or body dissatisfaction.

You might be frustrated about not having answers, you’re seeking holistic solutions, and desire to work with someone who is really listening.

I used to feel that way. For years I was unhappy with my body and restricted my food. It started when I was 13 and gained 30 pounds in just a few months. I continued to gain through the next few years despite dieting and restricting food. I stopped trusting my body. I thought my body had failed me, it didn’t work the “right” way. I thought the only way to control my weight was to control my food to extremes. I understand now that I had a pattern of disordered eating and though I tried to get help, there was a bias against disordered eating in larger bodies.

At that time I did not know about being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and Empath and how this affected my energy on a daily basis. I was an emotional energy sponge, taking on others’ energy without realizing it and feeling exhausted all the time.

Years later, before I understood what being a Highly Sensitive Person meant for me, I experienced a series of health challenges, some of which were a direct result of being unaware of how to honor my highly sensitive nervous system. At the time, I had a deep sense of what I needed. I was looking for holistic approaches from my healthcare practitioners but did not find them in the mainstream medical system.

I believe that finding balance and healing is a layered process, not a linear one…

…and healing often comes from a combination of modalities and approaches.

These days the tools and practices that I teach are the ones that I have used (and continue to practice) for my own healing and balance. For over 10 years, I have supported and helped over 450 women and men of all ages, with their relationship with food, their bodies, and healing energy imbalances in the energy field. I have created a unique system combining body/mind/energy field tools and practices that will help you achieve transformational results and feel like a new you.

I want you to know that I see you. All of you. One of my superpowers is deep listening and that is where we start our work together.

I now focus my results-driven approach to specialize in adult women and their unique life balance challenges (are you someone who takes care of others and has nothing left to take care of yourself?), health concerns, and individualized foodways. This is not a weight loss group. Our work together is customized with delicious foods that are right for your body, simple-to-follow personalized guidance, easy-to-do practices to create balance and peace in your life and in your relationship with food.

If you are someone who is a Highly Sensitive Person and/or an Empath, I want you to know that you don’t have to absorb the energy of others around you.

By using practices for Grounding, and creating energetic boundaries, you can shift from feeling overstimulated to feeling calm. Sometimes Highly Sensitives and Empaths have a lot going on in their bodies because they absorb energy and it gets stuck and creates pain or discomfort. They may also find it difficult to stay Grounded which can lead to having extra body weight as a subconscious way of feeling Grounded. I can’t wait to walk this path with you!

How to begin

…we begin with a conversation.

I will listen deeply to your story as you share what you are currently struggling with, what approaches you have tried, and what is not working for you right now. This first conversation helps to Clarify your Vision for your health, wellness, life balance, and relationship with food and your body. 

During this time we will discover if the work that I do makes sense for you.

Are you ready to take your first inspired step to feel like a new you?

A New You begins now.

Michelle Galik
Michelle Galik3 Reviews
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Melissa has been wonderful in helping me reach my goals. She incorporated my very involved medical history with my dietary restrictions to come up with an easily adaptable and tasty way to eat. I definitely feel better and have more energy. I love the on-line video segments which I have watched more than once. I appreciate that Melissa’s deals with the whole person. I highly recommend her!
Michael Class
Michael Class5 Reviews
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So happy my wife and I did this together. We both have been active at the gym and raising a family for years but, the stubborn pounds never completely left. Before making the call, we thought we knew what good foods were. We had tried many things from eating less, macro counting and more things that brought more challenges than joy. Melissa was a breath of fresh air. She took us on a journey of learning and discovery that really made sense. The more we learned, the more eating better just made sense to do. It wasn't hard, it just came naturally after learning what they body needs. Most importantly, what you need. This changed our lives, brought us joy, and it has brought us health. Take the leap, I promise you it's worth it.
Abigail Averbach
Abigail Averbach4 Reviews
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I started working with Melissa in deep Winter when I would get home from work, the house would be dark and cold, and I would be too tired to eat. She gently encouraged me to experiment with new ways of approaching food and I discovered that “warm” foods would fill my belly and nourish my soul. I got into the habit of chopping ingredients on the weekends and then leaving a crock pot on in the morning so I could come home to tantalizing scents that spurred my appetite and lifted my mood. I went from crawling into bed and hiding under the covers every night to enjoying a nutritious and satisfying meal when I got home and having energy for evening activities. I am most grateful to Melissa for these lasting changes to my lifestyle and I highly recommend her services!!
Susan Rovello
Susan Rovello1 Review
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Melissa is warm, caring and nonjudgmental. She is understanding, and she really listens. I have struggled with food issues most of my life. Melissa’s “non-diet” approach is the only approach that has ever worked for me. I have been “mindfully eating” for about 8 months now, and I have lost 33lbs. Feeling lighter, healthier and more fit has helped me to enjoy a lot of new activities. I highly recommend Melissa’s services! She has taught me so much.
Gail Seckrettar
Gail Seckrettar2 reviews
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I have scheduled sessions with Melissa for both nutrition and energy healing and am continually impressed with her knowledge and experience. Being plant-based since 2007, Melissa's nutrition guidance assured that I was getting all of the vitamins and minerals I needed to keep my body healthy and strong. And, during life's difficult and stressful times when my energy is depleted, she is my 'go to gal' for healing touch energy work. I highly recommend her services, either in person or remotely.
Kimberly Redfern
Kimberly Redfern 1 review
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I reached out to Melissa Pickell when my daughter was experiencing what appeared to be food sensitivities and allergies. With her expertise she was able to get to the root of many issues which has made a dramatic difference in my daughter’s overall health and her relationship to food.
Susan Sheldon
Susan Sheldon3 reviews
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I have had a wonderful experience with Melissa Pickell. First she helped my husband lose significant weight. Part of her program was to come and cook with us, having supplied the grocery list necessary for this event. I in turn was able to bulk shop and cook these recipes to store in my freezer to create a meal plan for my husband. I have used this meal plan for 3 years. I also have participated in several of her energy healing workshops; the most recent of which was a half-day retreat. The practices that I have learned from Melissa, I now continue in my life. All of these workshops have been conducted on Zoom.
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    “It is my soul-level intention to inspire and help you raise your energy vibration through energetically and spiritually aligned eating, mindset management, and self-care of the energy field.”

    — Melissa Pickell

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