Permission to Eat Cookies Granted

Giving yourself permission to eat foods that are on your "forbidden" list can be really scary. But moving foods from "forbidden" to neutral is how we find freedom.

Just the other day, while on the elliptical at the gym, I was watching one of those morning programs and they were making holiday cookies. It got me thinking about the evolution of my relationship with food. Growing up Jewish didn’t involve baking holiday cookies so it was a delightful activity for me when I joined with my husband; his family had “family recipes” for cookies that had been passed through generations. And now I had the recipes and too and we created a tradition of baking these holiday treats.


But, for years, the cookies also represented something that I “should not” have and then guilt if I did. And there was this dialog in my head about restriction, trying to calculate the number of calories, figuring out how to “get rid of” those calories, resentment that I “couldn’t” eat normally or joyfully without a restriction mindset and calculation.


When I made the commitment to heal my relationship with food one of the first steps I learned to take was to give myself permission to eat certain foods. Like cookies. Permission was scary and I didn’t even know what it might look or feel like. I started the permission process gradually with  each of my “forbidden” foods by taking baby steps to eat them. Over time, the fear of eating these foods lessened and I saw that my body was ok with it. I also learned that giving myself permission made the food more neutral, less good versus bad. 


Now I like to enjoy a cookie or two with some tea after my lunch. They are always on a plate and eaten while sitting at the table. Full awareness, full mindfulness. 


Do you have a list of foods you don’t feel safe around?

Do you have foods that you fear will create a lack of control if you eat them?


Do you desire to heal your restrictive, chronic dieting mindset and shift to a peaceful and joyful relationship with food? I am here to help you. Please complete the application for a Discovery Call here and I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Wishing you happy holidays, peace in your mind, joy in your life.

XO Melissa

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Until we connect soon, I wish you love & joy,

— Melissa

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