It’s Ok to Take Care of YOU First

As a young working mother I used to say that if I could just get to the gym before starting the rest of my day, I would be happy and would be a better mom and partner. Lucky for me I have a partner who was willing to do the morning routine with young children to “allow” me to take this space for myself.

In more recent years, I have been teaching my clients to “fill your tank first”. You’ve heard that you cannot pour from an empty vessel. So many of us, women especially, take care of everyone else in our lives and by the time we get to ourselves, there is no energy left. I have worked with many women that have experienced adrenal fatigue (essentially a burnout of the body’s energy) and in fact I myself have experienced this.

In the many years since I was a young mom, I realized that going to the gym was really not a practice for calming my highly sensitive nervous system, and although it did manage my anxiety and fill my tank a little, I really needed more than exercise. Now I have daily practices that help me calm my nervous system before starting the day, stay grounded throughout the day, and keep my energy field at a high vibration.

I have learned that it’s very hard to create these practices in the middle of a crisis. But when we have balancing practices already in place, then crises are less likely to take us off course. Or they may take us a little off course, but not completely uproot us. 

What are the ways you currently stay grounded, calm and balanced?

How many of these ways are DAILY practices?

How often are you taking care of yourself, filling your tank, FIRST, before taking care of others?

What might be different if you DID fill your tank first, before taking care of others? 

How would YOU be if you filled your tank first? 

How would this affect others in your life?

I can’t wait to have this discussion with you as we work together. 

I invite you to take the first inspired step up by scheduling your 30-minute Discovery Call with me to share your beliefs about yourself, your body, your health. Together, we’ll create some next steps for you to move forward.

Until we connect soon, I wish you love & joy,

— Melissa

How to begin

…we begin with a conversation.

I will listen deeply to your story as you share what you are currently struggling with, what approaches you have tried, and what is not working for you right now. This first conversation helps to Clarify your Vision for your health, wellness, life balance, and relationship with food and your body. 

During this time we will discover if the work that I do makes sense for you.

Are you ready to take your first inspired step to feel like a new you?

A New You begins now.

Are Ready For A New You?
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First Step - March 2023

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    “It is my soul-level intention to inspire and help you raise your energy vibration through energetically and spiritually aligned eating, mindset management, and self-care of the energy field.”

    — Melissa Pickell

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