Foods that EMPOWER or Take Away Our Power?

Recently I taught about the Solar Plexus chakra in my monthly Group Energy Activation class. The solar plexus chakra is our POWER center, our WILL, our FIRE IN THE BELLY.

And in our group class, we talked about how the foods we eat can EMPOWER us or take away our power.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea of giving away our power to specific foods.

Energetically, when you allow something or someone to take your power, the energy moves away from you. So energetically, when we EMPOWER ourselves, the energy moves towards us, so we end up with more energy. When I say energetically, I mean the vibration in the human energy field around you. The higher this vibration, the more physical energy and wellbeing you will experience.

So why would we actively choose to give away our power?

What is the HOLD on us that these foods have?

What or Who is doing the holding?

We all have a lifetime of individual food experiences through which beliefs about foods are created. We may believe that this food will make us gain weight, that food will help us lose weight, we can’t control ourselves around this specific food, we feel deprived without access to these foods. And these beliefs aren’t created in a vacuum but with the influence of our families, friends, media, culture, and more. Influences that may drown out our own sacred listening.

I’m going to talk about sugar because this is a food substance that I hear a lot about and have personal experience with. Just saying the word sugar probably creates word images of “bad for you”, “shouldn’t have”, “can’t control”, and this is what I hear in my conversations with clients.

For me, in my personal experience of returning to body awareness and body listening, I have discovered that regular white sugar products do not behave the same way as other sweeteners like maple syrup, dates, and even coconut sugar. Regular sugar feels like caffeine to my body, very overstimulating. And so it becomes a CHOICE of how I want to feel. Do I want to feel overstimulated, as though I am crawling out of my skin, or a series of highs followed by lows?

Or do I want to have a treat AND feel balanced and peaceful?

For me, I have created a very subtle awareness of my body’s interactions with various foods. I know how I feel with various foods and I have a CHOICE about eating them and how often.

Does this mean I never have a cupcake with frosting? No, absolutely it does not mean that. But what I choose to eat regularly comes from a place of body listening, body awareness, body compassion. I feel so much joy to be able to eat with pleasure AND have peace and balance.

Does any of this conversation resonate with you?

What foods do you allow to take away your power?

What foods EMPOWER you?

How do you want to feel?

I invite you to take the first inspired step up by scheduling your 30-minute Discovery Call with me to share your beliefs about yourself, your body, your health. Together, we’ll create some next steps for you to move forward.

Until we connect soon, I wish you love & joy,

— Melissa

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