Melissa Pickell helps women who struggle with chronic dieting and stress-related health issues find freedom from food rules and learn to trust their bodies' wisdom.

A New You Begins Here

Experience the joy…

…the joy of mindfully eating delicious food that is right for you and find peace in your relationship with food.

“Melissa has been wonderful in helping me reach my goals. She incorporated my very involved medical history with my dietary restrictions to come up with an easily adaptable and tasty way to eat. I definitely feel better and have more energy. I love the online video segments which I have watched more than once. I appreciate that Melissa deals with the whole person. I highly recommend her!” — Michelle Galik

”Melissa’s guidance was extremely helpful while I was adjusting my eating habits to accommodate a gluten allergy. She was attentive and nonjudgmental throughout our sessions. I highly recommended working with her.” — Zachary Hann


more joy in eating delicious food that is right for you

Our work together is customized with delicious foods that are right for your body, simple-to-follow personalized guidance, easy-to-do practices to create balance and peace in your life and in your relationship with food.


the right practices for shifting the energy

Your specific health and nutrition concerns with personalized guidance that match what is occurring in your body and energy field, with the right practices for shifting the energy.


health conditions that concern you

The potential of lowering cholesterol, blood sugars, blood pressure, and decrease in inflammation (less joint pain).

How to begin

…we begin with a conversation.

I will listen deeply to your story as you share what you are currently struggling with, what approaches you have tried, and what is not working for you right now. This first conversation helps to Clarify your Vision for your health, wellness, life balance, and relationship with food and your body. 

During this time we will discover if the work that I do makes sense for you.

Are you ready to take your first inspired step to feel like a new you?

A New You begins now.

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    “It is my soul-level intention to inspire and help you raise your energy vibration through energetically and spiritually aligned eating, mindset management, and self-care of the energy field.”

    — Melissa Pickell

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