What Comes with Membership Access?

Membership Access includes videos, recipes, documents, and charts. We are working on more materials all the time, so expect this section to grow over time.


How Do I Sign Up for Membership?

Membership is included with the purchase of a package with Melissa Pickell. Start The Process


How Long Does Membership Last?

Membership Access stays active for a full year, including the time you are actively working with Melissa.


What If I Have Trouble Logging In?

Normally any problems with logging in involve a lost password or incorrect username. Please refer to the Welcome email you received after you signed the “Practice & Integrity Considerations” form. If you need to reset your password, use the “Forgot Password” link under the login form. If you are still having problems, contact our Webmaster.

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    “It is my soul-level intention to inspire and help you raise your energy vibration through energetically and spiritually aligned eating, mindset management, and self-care of the energy field.”

    — Melissa Pickell

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